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Inspiring Residents to Climb Higher

“Michael O. Meyers, MD

Dr. Strother at Smith Rock State Park

When asked why he chose Fox Chase Cancer Center for his urologic surgery fellowship (2019-2021), Marshall Strother, MD, responds, “I liked the way ‘Fox’ (as he calls Fox Chase), has an exacting, intentional, and deliberate method of training. Hierarchies are flattened there, allowing new surgeons to work and learn with the most experienced on the team.”

After fellowship training, Strother and his wife, a pediatric endocrinologist, moved to the Pacific Northwest for its beauty and outdoor life and for Strother’s new position as an oncologic surgeon at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)— the only academic medical center in the state.

When he is not caring for patients, Strother loves teaching residents and considers it as important as clinical activities and research. For his efforts, Strother recently won the “Urology Faculty Teacher of the Year” award—a remarkable early-career honor for someone selected from all urology resident faculty.

Strother believes the patient is “the true beneficiary of training and medical education.” This ethos is shared by OHSU and Fox Chase, where teachers like Dr. Marshall Strother inspire residents to reach new heights.